Minima Moralia – Hope


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Tasting notes:

An onset marked by the sensation of white fruits - white cherries, white plums, white grapes. After aeration, the aromas of red fruits begin to be felt, doubled by sensations of honey, pollen and exotic fruits. Tasteful, it starts from fine aromas of roses and cherries, to evolve towards passion fruit, pomegranate and fleshy sensations. The fine, perfectly integrated tannins are found in the above average body of the wine as a balancing factor for a high acidity, which turns this rosé into a delicacy reserved for gourmet experiences.

Vinification method:

The grapes were harvested mechanically. Short-term film maceration (4-6 hours) was used for Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon and long-term maceration (12 hours) for Pinot Gris. For Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris, the maturation was done in stainless steel tanks, on fine yeasts and for Cabernet Sauvignon a short maturation of 4 months was chosen, in new French oak barrels.

Recommended serving temperature:

11ºC - 13ºC. Any deposits certify the minimum number of interventions that are made on the wine.


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