Rosé – 3L


Matured using the bâtonnage method, the rose catches you with a fresh, fruity and cool character, similar to that of a young red wine. Over time, the blend of 85% Pinot Noir rosé and 15% Cabernet Sauvignon rosé brought gold, silver and bronze medals for the Segarcea brand. This wine is an excellent choice for those who prefer red wines, being a suitable companion for cool summer evenings.

We have prepared a double magnum bottle (3L) just suitable for making that gift that no one expects. Or for team-buildings. Or for the first outing in the mountains with the whole gang. Or for any table with more than six guests. There are plenty of opportunities. Now there is just the wine for them – sprinting, cheerful, friendly. Or as they say, it’s a lot, it’s dry, you only have to cool it down a bit and it’s already perfect!

For those who are not yet accustomed to large bottles, we must, however, offer an explanation. These bottles exist because they allow the wine to be kept in better conditions for a longer time. Chemically speaking, the most important process that takes place in the wine bottle is the slow oxidation, by micro-oxygenation, a phenomenon caused by the tiny transfer of gases that the cork allows. The level of micro-oxygenation remains the same for larger bottles, so the same amount of oxygen will interact with a larger amount of wine (in our case, four times higher), which greatly slows down the “ageing of the wine”. So, when you receive such a bottle, do not be afraid to put it aside, “for another time”. It should not be consumed on the spot, despite the fact that the tradition of rosés on the Romanian market says that they should be drunk within a maximum of two years from harvest.

Tasting notes:

For red wine lovers who are forced to stay away from their favourite drink on hot days, this rosé is an excellent alternative. Although it is made to be served cold, it retains, due to the varieties, predominant characteristics of young red wines - intense aromas of red berries, jams and raspberries.

Vinification method:

The grapes were harvested mechanically and kept for maceration, for the extraction of colours for 4-6 hours. This was followed by pressing, clarification of the obtained cold stum and then slow fermentation in stainless steel tanks for about a month, at temperatures between 15°-18° C. The wine thus obtained was matured on fine yeasts.

Recommended serving temperature:

11ºC - 13ºC. Any deposits certify the minimum number of interventions that are made on the wine.


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