Vardo – Power of Will


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Tasting notes:

An original blend from two French varieties, from Bordeaux and Languedoc, almost non-existent in Romania. The result is a fresh, vigorous, predominantly masculine wine, with a long discourse in which varieties that define different historical regions collaborate, alternating in the domination of the aromatic spectrum. Dense and layered, intense and lively, with a glyceric character that gives birth to sweet sensations, this wine has a complex discourse, both olfactory and in taste, the more eloquent the better oxygenated the wine. It is therefore recommended to decant for 30 minutes, so that you can enjoy its full expression.

Vinification method:

The grapes were harvested mechanically, crushed and then kept for maceration-traditional fermentation in piston wineries for two weeks, followed by maturation in French and American oak barrels of first and second passage, for a variable period between 8 and 12 months, depending on the type of barrel.

Recommended serving temperature:

16ºC-18ºC. It is necessary to open the bottle half an hour before serving and for the wine to be decanted. Any deposits certify the minimum number of interventions that are made on the wine.


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