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Tămâioasă Roză, synonymous with Muscat Rouge de Frontignan. It is part of the same family as Tămâioasa Românească.

The estate has 13.3 ha of this variety, of which 1.3 ha is the mother plantation, of over 100 years old. Stalks for grafting were taken from this area and a new plantation of 12 ha was set up.

Tasting notes:

Along with Chardonnay and Pinot Gris, Viognier is one of the few white varieties capable of giving rise to high-density dry wines. It is quite rare as a monocepage, even in its area of origin, the Rhône Valley, its most famous expression being found in Condrieu wines. At Domeniul Coroanei Segarcea, the Viognier enjoyed almost spontaneous acclimatization and had remarkable results from the very first harvests. As a result, it was used in the early years exclusively for making the superpremium Princess Margareta white and Minima Moralia Honesty blends. The maturation of the vines and the implicitly higher harvest allowed us to keep a part of the wine from the 2013 harvest for the Prestige Range. With perfectly integrated acidity and tannins, this Viognier is round, dense and friendly, with the aromas resulted from the interaction with the wood, but relatively discreet, preferring to highlight its native aromas, white fruit, vines and even a little citrus (pomelo, grapefruit) in the long and fresh finish.

Vinification method:

The grapes were harvested mechanically, crushed and kept for film maceration at temperatures between 8°C - 10°C for 12 hours. A light pressing followed and slow fermentation in stainless steel tanks, at controlled temperatures between 13ºC - 17ºC. Part of the Viognier was matured in new acacia and oak barrels for 3-4 months. The rest of the Viognier was matured in stainless steel tanks, on fine yeasts.

 Recommended serving temperature:

11ºC - 13ºC. Any deposits certify the minimum number of interventions that are made on the wine.


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